Three Myths about Female Orgasm

Let’s talk about true female anatomy. Not the anatomy people discuss on forums where they share the bits of their private lives. Those people usually are not familiar with medicine and just love to fantasize. Some of that advice may have never been real, but they are very confident and believe they know everything about sex.

There are several myths people believe into. And even though they were created to make sexual life brighter, they often cause problems in the bedroom. A man may want a girl to have the best orgasm, and it doesn’t work, she will feel incomplete. Or a woman will want a man to do something awesome and he won’t be able to because it is impossible.

Myth #1. G-spot. (You can read more in my article “The Mystery of G-spot”)

There is a theory that a woman has a spot, stimulating which you can give her a super crazy orgasm. A lot of forums and magazine describe how to find this spot. This spot is said to be in a vagina. But let’s look at the real picture of a woman and try to understand what is going on here.

G-spotUsually, men advise to put a finger in a vagina and stimulate the zone (marked as a red spot in the picture). What happens in real life? A man reads an article, wakes up in the morning and thinks ‘yes, now is the time to try what I’ve read’. He washed his finger, hopefully, cut his nails off. He places a finger inside and stimulates something. If you look closer to this spot you will see that this is the other side of a bladder, so this is what men do stimulate most of the time. As a result, a woman wants to pee. But this is sort of uncomfortable to pee right in the middle of sex. So we just contract everything we can to hold it inside, maybe even toes. When everything is contracted a clit may be stimulated indirectly. You are lucky if the G-spot you found is not a bladder but a clit that you stimulate from the inside.

This myth spread all over the world very fast and helped a lot of people earn some money on it. You can read more about it here. The G-spot was allegedly discovered be Ernst Graftenberg. This is a famous doctor who wrote an article about the role of urethra in a female orgasm and actually didn’t say a word about a certain spot you need to stimulate. There are a lot of cultures that have been exploring sex for thousands of years, like the Chinese or the Indians. Yet, Kamasutra doesn’t say a word about this area you need to stimulate. If it were, they would know, it seems.

I can’t deny the fact, that this so-called G-spot area is sensitive, but it is definitely not the incredible orgasm you are expecting.

I recommend taking a closer look into the female anatomy. If a woman is tensed when you stimulate the zone, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is aroused. Maybe, she just wants to pee.

Myth #2. Squirt.

There is so much information online about this squirt orgasm, during which a woman comes with a fountain. But let’s be honest. What can a woman make a fountain with? A man has balls, a storage for sperm. We don’t have anything like that. Some people believe that women have something similar to a male prostate, yet, these are fantasies too. Women have glands of the female urethra (Skene glands), and if those do produce something, then definitely not in the amount this fountain shoots. There is another suggestion that says Bartholin gland works like this, but neither do they produce anything to shoot like that. Another theory that this ejaculation is some juices produced in the cervix. Still, what speed should it go to shoot out from this far inside (look at the picture once again.)

If you do want to have this squirt orgasm, let us see how it really works. If you looksquirt at the picture once again, you will see the bladder. During sex, the urethra channel stays open. Especially, if your intimate muscles are weak. If you want her to squirt, you need to make a movement though her bladder (red line in the picture), and you’ll
see a fountain out. Dear men, don’t be surprised if a woman doesn’t feel as happy as you would wish after squirting. Why should she be happy if she knows she just peed herself? Please, don’t torture the people you love.

Unless, you like golden rain. But this is a different story. If you like peeing in sex, that’s your choice. But believing that a woman should produce fountains in a regular orgasm is a sadistic illusion.

If you want to feel what it is like, a woman should relax, intimate muscles not trained, and a man should move through her bladder. Just do it in the bathroom, not to ruin your nice smelling sheets.

Myth #3. Vaginal, clitoral and indefinite location orgasms.

Most of us believe that a woman can have a vaginal, clitoral orgasm, plus an orgasm without definite location, such as ear, rib, knee, foot, finger orgasm, and etc. First of all, we need to define what a female orgasm is. Regular textbooks on sexology describe these three types of an orgasm. But an orgasm is an orgasm. The state of our brain cortex it exactly the same whether it is a vaginal, clitoral or whatever else orgasm. Women describe an orgasm differently. But all agree that it as the peak of pleasure during sex. So let’s define it like that.

Different types of orgasm are still scientific hypotheses. This is why I would suggest taking another look at female anatomy.

A clitoris looks like a little dot, so small as if it is not that important.


This is how a clitoris actually looks. It has a head, a shaft, and legs.

A penis and a clitoris are almost the same. Ours is just daintier, with longer and prettier legs.

Freud said if a woman can’t have an orgasm, she is jealous of a penis. Well, if you spent a couple of years and a lot of money on trying to cure that, you might even succeed.

It is believed that a vagina is a penis turned inside out. Men sometimes think that the deeper they are inside a woman and the harder they hit the better. It is only partially true. A man can reach cervix with his penis, and if a woman is not very aroused this feeling is more painful than pleasant. This is why you need foreplay. Still, the feeling will be a mixture of pain and pleasure.

imagesThis is why, dear men, remember that a clitoris is not just a tiny spot you see. It is much bigger: it has a head (you see), a shaft and even legs. You can stimulate all of them instead of concentrating on less sensitive female zones. These are the tips that will help you please your women and be a really great lover. Forget about empty promises and mythological fantasies. Trust me, if you have a contact with your woman and concentrate on the right areas, she will get the orgasm which is beyond all your fantasies.

Love and a lot of orgasms to all of you 🙂


G-Spot Mystery

Men of different professions are looking for this spot. Some even find it…

vulvaThe history of studying feminine sexuality is absolutely anecdotic. Any woman can have an orgasm herself in a couple of minutes. And the result is guaranteed. Any man will tell you that a woman’s orgasm is a mystery and no one can predict it. For the thousands of years, people have sex, men still haven’t found the magic button. At least, they didn’t give up.

One thing is weird. Instead of just asking women, they follow their own logic. So much nonsense about female sexuality was written by Freud. A married man actually. Why wouldn’t he just talk to his wife? Kamasutra, the acknowledged textbook of love, tells us something indefinite, which makes me doubt if there were any orgasms at all there. ‘Females do not emit as males do. The males simply remove their desire, while the females, from their consciousness of desire, feel a certain kind of pleasure, which gives them satisfaction, but it is impossible for them to tell you what kind of pleasure they feel. The fact from which this becomes evident is, that males, when engaged in coition, cease of themselves after emission, and are satisfied, but it is not so with females.’ This is what Kama sutra says. The weird part is that there is nothing about the peak of pleasure reaching which a woman can sleep as a baby.  There is only some ‘consciousness of desire’ and ‘satisfaction, but it is impossible for them to tell you what kind of pleasure they feel’. Yeah. This is the “textbook of love”. It occurred to someone in the 16th century only that using a clit in sex would be nice. Actually, one doctor had this idea, others disagreed. Once again, it didn’t occur to them to ask their women.
One of the most recent men’s discoveries is G-spot. One doctor discovered it almost 70 years ago. Others still keep arguing if it exists or simply a fantasy. The final decision hasn’t been made. Let’s see how this idea developed.

1919. The sexual revolution is spread around the world after the war. Europe and the USA keep it civilized. No constant switching of partners, just birth control and exploring female sexuality. Catherine Davis examines the sexual life of 220 women, British scientist Marie Stopes writes guidance for spouses, which was sexually explicit for the British at least.

1926. Gynecologist Henry van de Velde publishes “Ideal Marriage”, where he describes the technique of intimacy in detail and even accepts oral-genital sex.

1928. After 10 years of research and more than 100 experiments on live women, German gynecologist Ernest Gräfenberg presents a new contraception method: intrauterine device, which was successfully used 40 years after (later it was modified and improved).

1937. Ernest Gräfenberg is a Jewish doctor, working on contraception methods in the country where contraception is forbidden. He was imprisoned for three years, when American Embassy buys him out and brings to California through the Siberian and Japan.

1950. 60-year-old Gräfenberg publishes his article “The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm” in the International Journal of Sexology. The article didn’t cause any excitement in public. What is to be excited about? It seems there is urethra in a vagina and it seems it has something to do with an orgasm – this is what the article is about. Here is a quote: “Although female erotism has been discussed for many centuries or even thousands of years, the problems of female satisfaction are not yet solved.…… The solution of the problem would be better furthered, if the sexologists know exactly what they are talking about…”. So what did he discover?

clitG-spot – an area the size of a bean or a bean, somewhere on the front vaginal wall about 1,2-2 inches from the entrance, cannot be visually detected. It is renowned for leading to a super endless orgasm when stimulated. Gräfenberg, by the way, didn’t claim that it leads to an orgasm; it believed it just took part. The rest was thought of by his followers.

1982. American sexologists Ladas, Perry & Whipple release a book “The G Spot and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality”.  They claimed that this magic spot exists and named it “G” after Gräfenberg. According to their report, 82% of women found it, 40% of the questioned women also had ejaculation, which makes me doubt if they were women at all. Anyway, this topic led to serious discussion which later grew into an aggressive argument. A lot of other scientists began looking for it, found it and gave others the right directions. Renowned American psychologist Barbara Keesling clarifies that G-spot may be found 1- 2 inches from the entrance, sometimes higher, depending on a woman. However, in spite of very details descriptions and maps, all the attempts to detect this spot were failed. Not a single gynecologist or surgeon could ever describe it while working with a woman’s body. All the research conducted on the innervation of a vaginal canal proved that this spot with the concentration of effectors doesn’t exist.

2001. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology called G-spot “a modern gynecological myth”.

2004. Zoologist (!) Desmond Morris, famous for his book “The Naked Ape” claimed that a female vaginal canal has three more supersensitive spots U, C and A. Their stimulation gives a woman some “fantastic pleasure”. This and a lot of other impressive discoveries were published in “The Naked Ape”.

2008. Emmanuele Jannini from the University of L’Aquila invented an ultrasonic scanning device that could detect G-spot. A thick wall between a vagina and urethra indicates the existence of G-spot. 20 women took part in the research. The spot was found in 9 of them, and was not in the other 11. The conclusion was that some women have a tissue, stimulating which a woman can have the strongest vaginal orgasm. Some women do not have it. Both are normal. More biochemical and ultrasonic research is necessary to clear this phenomenon. What does it prove? It proves nothing, but gives a new stimulus. Quirky doctors started to offer injections of collagen into G-spot to sexually dissatisfied women. 1,500 thousand euros – and a woman has orgasms easily for about 4 months. Nobody knows if they got those orgasms, as no one checked, there was no statistical data and no publications in peer-reviewed journals.

2010. British scientists from King’s College London made an experiment with 1800 identical twins. If one twin had this spot, the other one has to have it too. Very few women were able to detect this spot, and their sisters could not find it no matter how much they tried. Scientists had to admit that “G-spot doesn’t appear to exist”. But the story is not over. French gynecologist Sylvain Mimoun noted in his review that 60% of women have G-spot, and the British just do not know how to look for it. Surgeon Pierre Foldès supported him “The King’s College study shows a lack of respect for what women say. The conclusions were completely erroneous because they were based solely on genetic observations. It is clear that in female sexuality there is a variability. It cannot be reduced to a yes or no or an on or off”.

So, does G-spot exist? Well, we begin from where we started. A female orgasm is something mysterious for men. It is not bad, if they like looking and learning, they are welcome. The only problem I am uncomfortable with is that these pseudoscientific discoveries do not make our sexual life better. Yet, women are made to feel not normal. First, Freud claimed that clitoral orgasm is a sign of a woman’s infantilism (or underdevelopment), and only a vaginal orgasm makes a woman a person. But we do not have vaginal or clitoral orgasms, we just have orgasms! Like men do not have orgasms from stimulating scrotum or a head only. What would it be like if Freud convinced men that only those who can have scrotum orgasms can be considered real men?
Some men demand this G-spot from us. If some women do not have it (this is the majority), the way out is to feel incomplete and fake orgasms. Or  we can help our men find our own erogenous zones, that may be different from what scientists say.

25 Facts About Sperm

The main sperm component (ejaculate) is seminal fluid. It consists of 17% prostate gland secretion and 80% seminal vesicle secretion. Spermatozoids are  around 3% of ejaculate.

funny spermsMale sperm is complex. It consists of more than 30 different components, including citric acid, fructose, precise potassium and an important element of zinc. The composition of sperm includes cuprum, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, vitamin C and B12.

Sperm should not contain blood. Blood is an indicator of infection or prostate cancer.

Sperm creates the microenvironment that supports the growth of sperms. Besides, sperm has alkaline environment, which is important to neutralize vaginal acid environment, dangerous for spermatozoids.

An adult man produces 50 thousand sperms every minute .

Average amount of sperm collected from ejaculation is 0.1 ounces, or a teaspoon, though it may vary from 0.07 to 0.2 ounces. Every day without sex 0.014 ounces of sperm more is produced.

Around 10% of all saved sperm is released during ejaculation. This is why men with high sexual vigor can have 4-6 or more ejaculations in a couple of hours.

One drop of ejaculation contains about 60 million sperms, 10-20% of which are underdeveloped or deformed.

The first portion of ejaculate is bigger than the next ones and definitely the last one.

Each portion of sperm contains 200-500 millions of sperms.

Sperms look like tadpoles and are capable of moving outside of a male body with the help of a tail. A sperm tail moves in a snakelike manner.

The lower part of a sperm body should move from side to side 2000 times to move 1 inch forward.00690-funny-cartoons-sperm-cell

Sperms differ from other body cells. Each regular cell has 46 chromosomes while a sperm and an egg cell have only a half of the set – 23 chromosomes, one of which determines the sex of a future baby.

The function of spermatozoids was unclear till the last century. They used to be considered parasites living in sperm. This is where the name comes from, being roughly translated as “sperm animals”.

There are two types of sperms: with X- and Y-chromosome. Together with an egg cell, У-sperm leads to a boy, while Х-sperm brings a girl.

Out of a huge army of sperms thrown out with one ejaculate, only one can get into an egg cell. A fertilized cell creates a certain kind of protection that does not allow other sperms to get inside.

During ejaculation the speed of sperms is about 11-28 miles per hour.

The temperature of 7-11 F below the temperature of an average human body is needed to produce sperms. Frequent hot baths, tight pants, and underwear lead to overheating and significantly decrease the number of sperms in ejaculate. Real men wear comfortable boxers.

A sperm develops around 75 days in balls and 12 days in adnexa to reach maturity. This is why negative effects (from alcohol, radiation, intoxication, and etc.), may come out in a couple of months.

Mature sperms get stored in balls adnexa. Their efficiency and activity is kept during a month. After which they suddenly get old and die.

Sperms are maximally active in autumn and winter while sperm contains a maximum number of gametal cells. Months from October to February are recommended by scientists to conceive a boy because in summer Y-male chromosomes are not as revivable as X-female ones.

Sperms that have reached female fallopian tube may live up to 5 days there. This is as long as sperms keep their fertilizing qualities.

Sperm is low-cal. One teaspoon of sperm has a couple of calories.

Even if your man has perfect sperm, don’t spread it on your face. It may cause inflammation or allergy. Even if your skin is thick and oily nothing good or bad will happen.

She Wants to Spend More Time Together. Why?

Why is It Necessary to Spend Time Together for a Strong Relationship?

After some time together people get tired of each other and decide to spend some time apart, and this is okay sometimes. Yet, this logic is false and may lead to the end of a relationship.

635877844187380233-866969721_truIt is very popular to think today that people in a serious relationship or married people should be independent and have as much personal space as possible. And this is somehow true, but somehow not. It is vital that we have our own exciting lives, filled with work and emotion, but a relationship is also a job. You also have to work on it if you want to have. We don’t go to work to do nothing and just get money for nothing done. Relationships are the same. A little bit of care and timely work – and the reward is so much worth it.

There are marriages where spouses see each other only during weekends. And even though it seems like a perfect dream for some people, it doesn’t make their relationship more intimate, passionate or motivating. Statistics says that such couples fall apart even faster than regular ones. The reason is that over a very short period of time a couple loses interest for each other’s lives. Some time ago you thought your partner was interesting and special. Now it just doesn’t matter. Another sad part is that sexual interest disappears as well. 

-These processes are very natural and we are responsible for the connection in our relationships ourselves. When a person spends time with another person, neurons in our brains develop new neural networks connected with this person. The more time together is spent, the bigger and stronger those networks are and the more connected people feel. As simple as that. Sharing lives helps being connected and having better sex

-Another universal truth is that if no effort is invested the value is lost. For, example, a person cares about a company he invested a lot of energy into and tries to make it work all the time. A father who didn’t wake up at night to change a babies diapers will not have any gentle feelings for this baby. If a man doesn’t take care of a pregnant wife and his child, if he doesn’t invest his time, money, nights, this is a way to the end.

The same with relationships. If a woman is not taken care of, she disappears for the man and represents no value to him and also  less value to herself.

A way to actually make a relationship last is traditions and rituals. 


Rituals teach order and can be fun. Couples inevitably get colder about each other in some period of time. And it will be nice and romantic to have those connecting rituals and traditions. When the “honeymoon” is over, you will still have a lot to do together. Dinners with playing chess on Tuesdays, Saturday cinema, monthly theaters or annual trips.4d515301bdcab258f924f53cdc0394b0


People tend to get tired of each other, but even in 20 years enough time together should be spent to save intimacy and not to get farther from each other. And rituals and traditions are a way to that.

-Another reason to spend more time together is a hormonal one.

Oxytocin and vasopressin are the two hormones responsible for loyalty and connectedness. Oxytocin increases trust for a certain person, decreases anxiety when partners are together, and makes us more sentimental and sensitive. You can a more detailed article about these hormones here

This hormone is responsible for developing the feeling of “attachment” with the closest relatives and friends. Loyalty is just a side-effect.The only natural way to increase oxytocin is to have sex or get pregnant (for a woman). The level of oxytocin reaches its peak during an orgasm. This is why it is great to lie together in bed in the first 20-30 minutes after sex.

Vasopressin is more a male hormone. It is responsible for hatred towards others and affection towards close people.
The best way to increase this hormone is to have sex with your partner.


  1. Sexual desire, interest for each others’ lives is based on how much we know about each other and how much we share.
  2. The more time a young couple spends together, the closer it will be when it is old. Rituals and traditions is a perfect way for that.
  3. Neural networks are responsible for the amount of care we feel for a certain person. It can be made stronger by sharing more life moments.
  4. People who invest themselves into each other value each other more.
  5. The way to reach closeness and have good levels of certain hormones it to have sex.

Spending time together and sharing each others’ lives is one of the most important factors when you begin to build a relationship. Yet, it is necessary to have boundaries. As, I have said in the beginning, personal space is necessary. If you want to spend all your time with your girlfriend and don’t let her take her own life-steps, she will begin to lie to avoid you. If you call your boyfriend all the time and go through his stuff just to see what is going on in his life, this is also pathetic. One-two simple hours on a weekday is more than enough for married couples. More for the couples who just began to date.

Love each other, take care of each other and have a lot of orgasms!


Perfect Blowjob. Part 4

Lesson 18

When a man is about to come soon, all you need to do is fast friction movements. No special techniques, just rhythm and speed.

The dick is super hard and the man is breathing fast – use “Sky Hammers” for a good fast orgasm.

A man loses control the closer he gets to an orgasm. If he suddenly begins to control you and set his own rhythm, do not resist, just go along with it. This is the last moment before the finish. Just don’t move your hand from the bottom of his penis. A man may want to make the friction movements deeper and forget your mouth is smaller than his dick, the hand will help you control the depth.

smileAdvice: don’t stop suddenly before an orgasm, the pleasure is much better.
Lesson 19

“Deep Throat” – the trick that will give you the power over men. Deep throat for men is a fetish, the sign of complete acceptance, and the strongest technique of all.

Position: a man stands, sits or in position 69 when you move a little so that he wouldn’t give you cunnilingus. Experiment and you will find a perfect position. Lean your head back to the maximum and relax the throat. You can’t move your neck in this position; which is why, move your whole body forward onto the dick.

images (1)Though this technique seems to be simple it has lots of not simple details. Any woman can learn to do it, but it is hard to learn through books or articles. It is better to learn to perform “Deep Throat” on a dildo before a real penis.

Advice: Rules for success:

  1. Do not try to do “Deep Throat” when your stomach is full.
  2. If your man stands, it will be better for you to bend your low back, but not kneel.
  3. Vomiting reflex appears when a dick touches the root of the tongue. Lead the dick along the palate and you will trick the reflex.
  4. Sometimes it is advised to do “Deep Throat” lying on your back with the head hanging off the bed. Never do it. In this position, you control neither the vomiting reflex, nor your body, plus this is not pleasant.

Lesson 20

Men really do not like when a woman spits out the sperm
demonstratively. “Demonstratively” is the key word. Spitting out is fd939_ORIG-eating_banana_womanacceptable, but the demonstration of disgust to this sacral male product is disrespect.

It seems to me that when a woman really loves someone, she will not be disgusted by a man or his sperm. Moreover, sperm is good for health. Women regularly giving their men a blowjob and swallowing sperm have 40% less risk of breast cancer, caries, more rare stressful stomach diseases (ulcer, gastritis, colitis), plus their skin and hair look better.

There are women who are allergic to sperm or feel sick from the taste or smell. This is why if you have problems with swallowing; there is no need to force yourself into it. Moreover, if your man knows you don’t like it but still makes you do this… Are you sure that he cares about your pleasure and not just focuses on himself?
Advice: if you want your man to have even more pleasure, try to suck in the semen. But do it carefully, it is better not to touch the head, as it becomes very sensitive.

Lesson 21

There’s no limit to perfection! You can develop the art of oral sex forever. This is like music. All the basics have been invented, but something new appears in the world every day.

Train your face muscles, tongue and lips or a confident blowjob.

These are the basics and this is more than enough for a happy sexual life. It is just the question of your goals and interests.

Love and orgasms to all of you! 🙂

Perfect Blowjob. Part 3

Lesson 10
лапки осьминогаAnother technique is an “Octopus Hug”. The tip of your tongue is on the head while 1/2 of the penis is inside your mouth. Now push the penis out using the tongue, making simple friction movements. Leave the tongue on the glans all the time.

Advice: If your tongue slips off the penis, you probably make too deep frictions. This technique is used only on the top part of the penis.

After you can skillfully make an “Octopus Hug”, try to make a “Spiral Octopus Hug”. The tongue is still on the head and still pushes the dick out, but the head turns from one side to another. This trick is more difficult and demands some training. 

Lesson 11

If you change the way you move your head during a blowjob, it will suddenly become more sophisticated and pleasurable. Regular straightforwardness can be switched into a spiral or a back spiral. Turn your head to the left and then to the right on a spiral trajectory while going down. Then make the same movement up.

Any technique can be done with such rotation.

Advice: in order to protect your neck from wringing, make these spiral movements twice as slow as regular movements until you are skilled enough.

Lesson 12
Чмок-чмокAnother sweet, tasty and pleasant technique is “Smacking”.  Take the dick in your mouth strongly and create the vacuum inside. When you move up, the lips slip off and make a smacking sound, similar to kissing.

This technique is simple when you make the sound on the top of the dick. Try to make kissing sounds when you are down. Remember to keep the vacuum. This technique is better when combined with a hand (keep your hand in a ring and repeat the movements you make with your head: regular frictions or a spiral). You will have to train a little to make the movements of your hand and head simultaneously.

Advice: Always hold the dick on the bottom, whichever technique you are using, this must become a habit.
Lesson 13

“Dick into a Cheek”. Lean your head to one side, tense the lips and push the dick into your cheek. Don’t push it too deeply, or it will meet your teeth. This trick is used only on the top. Frictions are made only in one direction. If your mouth is very big and the dick is small, you can make two frictions in one cheek and two in the other one.

Train on a dildo first, because with the lack of skill the penis may run against your teeth, which is pretty painful.

You can make the same trick with pushing the dick into your cheek with effort using your tongue so that it would pop out.

You may also surprise your man with gentle tapping with your fingers on the cheek with the penis. You need good coordination to make this trick. If you want to know what it feels like, push your tongue into one cheek and tap your fingers on it from the outside.

Advice: your head should be leaned on one side all the time, do not turn it, do not move your jaw so as not to bite the dick. If you turned your head to the right, push the dick into the left cheek, left side – right cheek.

Lesson 14

в нёбо“Dick onto a Palate”.
Place the dick as close to the chin as possible and direct it upwards. Use your tongue to push it onto the palate. Move your head up and down.

Advice: if you want to demonstrate your man your oral sex skillfulness, the dick shouldn’t be too erected, just a little softer than usual. When a man is too aroused he can hardly feel all the details.


Lesson 15

вакуум с усилением“Vacuum”. This is what men are crazy about. Take the dick into your mouth and suck like you are drinking a cocktail with a straw. Make friction movements with the straw in your mouth. It may be painful for those men who have a very sensitive head. Others will go nuts.

You can press your fingers against your cheeks while sucking. This will make vacuum stronger.

This is not “Smacking”. The movements are deeper, lips do not slip off and no sounds are made.

Advice: vacuum can be added to other techniques if you wish.
Lesson 16

Sex is oral, but hands are still important. This will make your man’s arousal stronger. Turn on your imagination and combine some techniques.

Make a ring on the bottom of the dick and repeat the movements your head makes. It will help you get less tired and will stop you from pushing too deeply.

растяжение по спиралиA simple trick all men love is “Stretching”

Take the penis with your hand around the middle, place your lips on the middle too. The head goes up, the hand goes down. This technique is better with the vacuum.

You can make “Spiral Stretching” by turning the head to the right while going up and the hand to the left while going down, or the other way around. When you train, try to make a spiral with your head first, then involve a hand.

Lesson 17

Do not try to master all oral sex techniques right away, especially on a live man. Master them one by one, step by step until they are perfect. Master them gradually, then you will be able to combine them however you want, basing on the feelings of your partner.

Create! Don’t be surprised if he takes you before you have shown him everything you have learnt!

 To  be continued…

Perfect Blowjob. Part 2

Lesson 4

Good position for a blowjob. You cannot know certainly here, but there are some positions that can be advised.

If you are skilled enough and you want to show your man what you are worth, the best way to do it is to lay him on his back. It is nice if you crawl down from the top, it will make the sight hotter for him.

If your man doesn’t get orgasms easily, it is better for him to stand and for you to bend or kneel.

Mistake: the most popular position for oral sex is 69. Sure it adds spiceimg-thing and connection to an intercourse, but it is not very practical. Neither cunnilingus nor a blowjob will be perfect, and there is less chance either of you will come.

Advice: your man would like it if you stop for a moment and look directly into his eyes, you can also say something hot or pleasant. But don’t look at your man in the process. It won’t make you look any hotter or prettier. Either stop to look at him or look at him while licking the sides of his penis.

Lesson 5

If you attempt to get a good blowjob, it is time to give some pleasure to Mr. Scrotum. If you pet it masterfully, it will add spice to the process. However, treating balls well demands experience. Still, there are tricks you can do if you are a beginner. The most sensitive spots are over and under the scrotum. You may gently touch them with your tongue and then move up and down along the urethra track (it is also a good erogenous zone). If your man makes moans of pleasure, you may want to stick there a little longer. You can gently draw on both balls with your tongue.  If your boyfriend is not enjoying it, leave it and practice a little more.

Advice: moving to scrotum may be helpful if you are tired and need your mouth to have a break. Still don’t forget to move back to the penis soon or arousal may go away.

Lesson 6

images (3)Another pleasure button is in a man’s anus. It is a prostate. A blowjob can and should involve a prostate massage. However, you should know how to do it. Improvising is inacceptable. If your man has any problems with his prostate it is better to leave it to professional doctors, as an erotic prostate massage and a medical massage are two different things.

Almost no man can resist it without reaching the top of pleasure. A good stimulation of that “button” gives a man an orgasm similar to a fountain.

Advice: A condom on your finger and lube are required.

Lesson 7

It is recommended to comb your hair away in a high pony tail or a bun. Firstly, the hair will be in your way and won’t let you concentrate on the quality. Secondly, your man won’t be able to see the details of a blowjob. And a man is definitely not going to close his eyes like you – he would want to see everything. Thirdly, a hair is very thin and may hurt your man’s penis if wrapped around.
Advice: your face expression is extremely important in the picture your man will see. This is why you enjoy the blowjob and he will enjoy it too.

Lesson 8

A very common problem for women is following the rhythm. Watch your man’s reactions and choose a faster or a slower rhythm. Playing with the rhythm is also okay, but only if you do it gradually. Do not 8b9efbc813a5f42a06325ff531c8f256speed up or stop right away. The idea is not to move in a chaotic manner. No rhythm really annoys men, even if he won’t tell you.

Advice: Some men like to be in control, even with their blowjobs. Those may also want to control the rhythm. Inform your man nicely that active control may confuse you. If he pushes your head too hard on his dick, a vomiting reflex may be inevitable.

You can turn on a nice song and try to move along. This will help you control the rhythm better.

Lesson 9

The simplest and the smoothest technique is ‘Sky Hammers’, you can do it the longest. It is used to begin and to end a blowjob.

Open your jaw as wide as you can, make your lips round. Now make simple friction movements up and down on 2/3 of a penis. Your lips should touch a dick from all sides. Remember to keep the rhythm. Strong face muscles, a good rhythm, and correctly performed techniques are a guarantee of a great blowjob. Add some passion into this mixture and you will blow off his mind.

Advice:  Your jaw should always be open. Face muscles will get tired fast if you open and close it all the time. And you need much more than a minute for a good blowjob. Do not move your head up and down using your neck muscles, as your neck may get tired too. The head should move almost with no muscles involved, it is better to do it with your body. It is almost like the head would fall on a dick. The speed of the falling head is the speed of a blowjob. It will make a blowjob simpler if you fix your hand on the place under which your lips won’t go. It will help avoid confusion.

After you are good at Sky Hammers, try to turn your head from side to side like in a spiral. It feels great. Remember about a good rhythm.

To be continued…

Perfect Blowjob. Part 1

Not all women are oral sex fans. But men are all surprisingly the same. If he saSexual-Health-in-Irelandys he doesn’t like blowjobs, he just never tried a good one. Surprise him.

Most of men’s fantasies are about sex. The majority of those are about oral sex.
Men praise their penises. This is the most sensitive and significant part of a male body. This is where the essence of a man is. If you do not want to give your man a blowjob, this is almost a straightforward way to inform him you don’t love him. Oral sex will let your man feel wanted and loved.

A blowjob is not simply a pleasure, but your way to show you accept him the way he is.

Psychologists and sociologists are on the same page with men. Statistics says families without taboo against oral sex are stronger. They fall apart 7 times more rarely than those families where men do not receive the desired oral pleasure. The couples, that practice blowjobs on a regular basis, spend more time together, have better sleep and fewer fights.

A blowjob is a treat not for everyone. It makes intimate life more interesting, allows feeling new erotic shades.
Lesson 1

Men believe that women have a genetic ability to give good blowjobs. This is not true. If you want to really want to surprise your man with an unforgettable blowjob, you need practicing.
Any woman in any age can master the art of oral sex, but this demands effort. But you will regret neither time nor energy spent on practicing. You will always be wanted as soon as you learn to use your lips and tongue masterfully. Uneasy character, unwillingness to cook or clean will be left behind.

What if I don’t want to give a blowjob? This happens sometimes. Never force yourself. First, you need to evaluate your chances. Will a modern healthy and kind of spoilt man sacrifice oral sex for your relationship? Forever? Do you love your man at all? When true love is there, there’s no place disgust or shame. Maybe you are just unconfident?

woman-orgasm-100697423Advice: If you do not know why you don’t want to give blowjob try to master the tricks on a dildo. Once you have mastered oral tricks on a dildo a real penis becomes irresistible. If you can do the best blowjob you will sure want to impress the one!

Mistake: Some women think that only a man enjoys the process. This is not true. You yourself need to enjoy it. What do you need? First, love your man. Second, able to give a nice blowjob and be confident about it. Slavery ends – art begins. Men are not so selfish. The last this they want is that you forced yourself squinting from disgust. All men with no exceptions want a woman to enjoy oral sex, making sounds and moans. So he would you like it. No faking.

You either enjoy oral sex or avoid it at all!

Lesson 2

changing-sex-life-todays-parent-mainOral sex precautions:

Sicknesses transmitted through oral sex: Syphilis, Hepatitis А and B, herpes, AIDS. The chance to get HIV with oral sex is very small, but it exists, especially with sores in your mouth. The perfect way to make it safe is to not give a blowjob. Or use a condom.

Now let’s talk about his safety. I wouldn’t advise beginners to manipulate a scrotum.

This is a very sensitive area. It can be painful or harmful. Scrotum should be involved inthe process when you know your man well enough and have explored his reactions.

Brackets and tongue piercing are a threat. They are not precautions, they just scare men.
No biting, scratching or beating, everything else is fine.

Lesson 3

Men are all different, as well as their penises and preferences. Penile anatomy first.

Shaft is the part of the penis under the glans. It is the least sensitive part, but still deserves attention! During a blowjob do not forget to treat this area with your tongue and lips. Men get a little disappointed if a woman works on the glans only like she wants to get rid of that as fast as possible. Where’s a blowjob spirit? Care and warmth? But if you stick around the shaft too much, arousal may leave your bedroom.

Frenulum looks like a stitch that connects foreskin glans. It is a boundary that does not let foreskin move too low. It is the most sensitive spot on a male body! Leaving frenulum without attention is unthinkable. Be careful and do not press it too hard.

Urethra – is a urinary track. The male urethra is 7-8 inches long. The secretion of urethral glands increases in arousal. The urethra is responsible for running both urine and semen.

Glans (head) of the penis is a sensitive part, similar to a clitoris. So treat it like you would want your man to treat your clit. The rounded part is called corona.

Foreskin is extra skin, completely of partially covering the glans. This is a strong erogenous zone. Foreskin has an inner foreskin layer and an outer foreskin layer, connected at sulcus. Foreskin provides additional mobility during coitus, which makes sex easy without lubes. Foreskin slides up and down on the shaft, stimulating the glans and other sensitive erogenous receptors.


скачанные файлыAncient Greeks and Romans believed that a perfect penis is only if foreskin covers all the head. No foreskin was considered unpleasant.  Foreskin was one of the criteria of male handsomeness.
Advice: if you want to know which oral treat your man likes most, identify the most sensitive part of his penis. “Tadpoles” with a sensitive glans are most popular, take care of the glans. If a shaft is the most sensitive, take care of that area. The last one is the most difficult one and has difficulty having orgasms. “Deep Throat” is what he would love.

How can you know which type is your man? If it is not a secret how your man pisses every day, then the most sensitive part is the one he holds.

To be continued…

Profession of Geisha. Part 2

geishaThe realization of the project began in 1617 in the Edo city (modern Tokio). The block dedicated to prostitution was initially named “Reed Field ”, maybe, because it was a field, later it got its new name “Yoshiwara” (pleasure quarter).

All the city prostitutes were brought here and were exempt from taxes. In return, they were obliged to report about any suspicious people. Well, it was more reasonable to choose the lesser of the two evils. As a safety measure, the lush district was surrounded by a moat and a tall wall. The gate to Yoshiwara got closed only in the midnight. They were closed forever for the sex industry workers. The ladies (yūjo) were allowed to leave the quarter in these situations: to visit a doctor, to stand in a court or while walking with a client to watch sakura blossom. A policeman accompanied a woman in other cases.

The experience of Edo was taken over by Kyoto (former capital) and Osaka (the biggest trading town), the word “Yoshiwara” became denominative, and all pleasure districts of Japan were called this way.

The Yoshiwara in the capital was about 20 acres with 200 joy houses where ladies lived and 400 tea houses where they worked. The quarter was densely populated: about 4 thousand prostitutes, the same amount of servants, plus clients who could stay not just overnight, but for several days. There was no aggression or enmity there (it was forbidden to enter Yoshiwara with weapons). Everything was clean and beautiful: no farm animals and their wastes in the streets (horses were not allowed in this quarter either), willows (the Japanese symbol of prostitution) and sakura growing along the sidewalks. Quite beautiful and saying yes to everything girls walking around and sitting on the porch is a dream of any samurai!

In fact, a samurai couldn’t act like an Arab sheikh, as changing girls was not encouraged. No test-drives, no “Can I take look at all of them?”. You just pick one, sign a contract (yeah, right!) and visit only her. From the moment the contract is signed, a yūjo sort of becomes a client’s temporary wife. If a client wanted to change one “wife” for another, he should have got a permission of both of them. Stealing others’ “husbands” was considered very rude among girls.

In general, any competition was considered unladylike, as there were enough men for geisha1everyone. As you know, a man who cannot try everyone is prone to love what he has. This happened all the time in pleasure quarters.

Men without families in their lives and widowers could buy out the yūjo they loved and marry her. But such stories were rather an exception than a rule. Yūjos cost a lot and only very rich clients could afford to buy them out. A rich man ready to spend a lot of money to marry a prostitute sounds like nonsense. Love was more often testified by the same tattoos, secret embroidery on clothes or even by cutting off a pinkie. The most passionate couples could commit a double suicide – “shinju” (another Japanese weirdness is to consider a suicide the act of bravery), after which the couple should have regenerated into one creature in the next life.

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